Super Smooth Canvas

Posted by Guy Maishman 02/12/2015 0 Comment(s) Painting Canvas Preparation,

The objective of canvas preparation is a super-smooth painting surface.  Purchase a stretch-wrapped canvas from an art supply store and also get a:

  • Large brush
  • Bottle of Gesso
  • Pigment in the color of your choice, either powdered or liquid acrylic
  • Flat-bottomed disposable dish or tray
  • Very fine-grained sand paper

Put a quantity of Gesso into the tray, add pigment and mix it with the brush to obtain the desired base color for the canvas.

  • Brush the pigmented Gesso onto the canvas
  • Make sure it completely covers all of the original canvas's white color
  • Let it dry.  Paint Gesso on more than one canvas if you have them.

When it is dry, take a sheet of the very fine grained sand paper and rub away the brush stroke ridges.

  • Feel the new canvas surface with your finger tips, and rub the sand paper over any rough areas.
  • Wipe away the sand paper grains and Gesso residue.
  • When the canvas is smooth, if some of the white of the original surface is exposed, apply another coat of pigmented Gesso.

At this stage, the pigment in the Gesso can be changed to provide the best base color.

  • After covering the canvas with a new layer of Gesso, let it dry.
  • Feel the surface with finger tips and rub with sand paper as needed.
  • Repeat the painting and sanding operation so that the whole surface is super smooth with no underlying white showing through.

Now the new surface color will show through any gaps in a painted surface.  End with a final sand paper rub, wipe it clean and get ready for the next stage of canvas preparation for painting.

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