Inside Liverpool Lime Street Station

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"Patriot at Liverpool Lime Street Station" is my painting for 2013.  I was inspired by a series of black and white photographs taken inside Liverpool Lime Street Station facing toward the cutting, by B.J. Blenkinsop in the 1950s.  It was considered a dark, dank location and not photogenic, but B.J. Blenkinsop captured the summer glory of it when the sun was high in the sky.  I painted this scene because:

  • Few photographs were taken in this station during the steam age
  • It is closely related to two earlier paintings depicting scenes further up the line
  • The enclosing nature of the earthworks appealed to me

I cobbled together two of B J. Blenkinsop's photographs to capture the sweep of the whole scene to include the cutting starting in the right distance.  I set the painting a decade earlier than B.J. Blenkinsop's photographs.


The photo taken of me painting shows my basic approach:

  • I have already completed the scene surrounding the train in detail.
  • I painted the signal gantry the way I imagine it had looked when it was new in 1946.
  • Except for the characters on the station platform, the whole scene is painted as close as possible to where I think the train will be.

In the photograph, I am making sure that the outline of the train really looks right and where it should be.  More adjustments were made when I painted the train.


The people on the platform are all my creations:

  • The RAF pilot officer couple are my uncle Wilf and late aunt Barbara as they looked 1946, based on a black and white photograph my uncle Wilf sent to me.
  • The family group is brother John, sister-in-law Amanda, neice Melody and nephew Rowan as they were in 2013.
  • The other two men came out to be nobody I know.

I chose to paint the "Patriot" locomotive named "Caernarvon", because I have good friends that live close by Caernarvon in Dieniolen.


This painting is particularly satisfying for me because:

  • I have made a primarily black steam locomotive stand out from a soot-stained black-grey background.
  • I think I have succeeded in making a two dimensional image look three dimensional.  Everything seems to "pop".
  • I know of no other image of any "Patriot" locomotive in the short-lived 1946 LMS livery of deep black with maroon facing with straw lining.

This is my contribution to railway history to show what a "Patriot" looked like shortly after a heavy overhaul with the 1946 livery newly applied.

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