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Welcome to the new SteamBritannia website, a new mobile-responsive artist website.  I am Guy Maishman and I hope you like all that you see.  For art appreciators, please peruse the website.  SteamBritannia provides:


 - A large array of British steam railway images from the 1920s - 1950s.

 - Prints on canvas of original paintings - In various sizes

 - Prints on canvas of digitally modified paintings - Originals in their own right

 - Ability to purchase some of my original paintings


For anyone interested in purchasing an original painting, you can see the prices.  The special pleasure that looking at my orginals give me is almost beyond price.  That is the artist in me!  If you do not wish to make such an important purchase online, please contact me.  Serious inquiries will be answered.


For Artists:


Creating artwork is an extremely personal expression.  Artwork either strikes a buyer as something they want or not.  Art does not have commercial utility in the ways that other products do. is the latest example of an effective artist marketing and sales platform that shows:

  • Different print media, sizes, styles of artwork
  • Different products
  • Quantity discounts for multiple purchases

It has taken over five years and several SteamBritannia website iterations to arrive at this format for an effective artist website.  If you are an independent artist who would like to have a similar structure for your website:

  • Check out the artist page on the - My website design and development business
  • Check me out on LinkedIn
  • Contact me

For Galleries:


This website shopping cart has the ability to market the work of more than one artist, with all the features shown in the latest SteamBritannia website.  Please contact me if you are interested.

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