Privacy & Security Policy

All order and contact information provided by customers to SteamBritannia™ is strictly confidential.  SteamBritannia™ will not sell or otherwise knowingly distribute any of your information to any other entity, unless required by law.


Shop Safely & Securely


PayScape enables SteamBritannia™ to work directly with the banking system to process all credit card transactions.  Through PayScape, SteamBritannia™ accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  This arrangement provides the following advantages to our customers:


  • Maximum payment transaction security using a direct gateway to the banking system’s credit card processing system, with no extraneous links to intermediary Internet payment processors.
  • Fast same-day currency exchange transactions via the rates and fees charged by the credit card companies.
  • Secure payment processing – No third parties allow access to the banking system’s credit card processing system.
  • SteamBritannia™ has no knowledge of your credit card information – We have no way to access your credit card or banking information.