Guy Maishman - A Brief Artist History

I was born in 1957 in Nottingham, and since early childhood have been fascinated by steam railway locomotives and trains:

  • Learned to read by reading "Thomas the Tank Engine" books.

  • My first drawings and paintings were of steam railway scenes.

  • I was given clockwork tin-plate toy trains as a child that my uncles used to play with from the 1930s.

  • Had a OO gauge model railway in my youth.

  • Attended art classes until the age of 13 at Mundella Grammar School in Nottingham.

  • Drew and painted well during art class and continuing to paint steam locomotives whenever possible.

In 1970, at age 13, I chose to study the sciences to give myself a better chance of earning a good living.

  • Gained my BA degree in Economics from Portsmouth University in England.

  • Moved to the United States in 1978 to live and work in New Jersey with my family.

  • In 1981, I moved to Atlanta Georgia to get my MBA from Emory University, and have lived in Atlanta ever since.

  • In 1985 I took an "Introduction in Painting Methods Class" at the Atlanta School of Art - I was reminded that I could paint.

Over the decades I have bought many books and subscribe to several steam railway magazines.  I continue to study old pictures of British steam trains and books featuring paintings by past and present railway artists.  I admire their work so much that: 

  • In 1989, I started painting my own images of Britain's steam railways.

  • I always wanted to make my paintings compare well with the railway artists that I most admire. 

  • As the number of my paintings has grown, my family and many friends have admired them and urged me to share my work.

I am a self-taught artist and it takes me over a year to complete each painting:

  • My work is painstaking and precise.

  • I make every effort to get the details right.

  • I have set most of my original paintings in the 1920s and 30's.

  • I want my paintings to "look" right and appear as three dimensional as possible. 

I hope that my paintings and digital images please you.